Ottawa’s “deliberate crudity of design”

"In Ottawa, where much of our downtown architecture is styled the way it is, how do the emotional reactions of her citizens contribute to the way they live, work, and play in the city? How does it contribute to the overarching character of the city?"


“a DIY craft”

I wrote this over the break! Just a fun one. a DIY craft   On skin A bruise blooms watercolour Petals green and blue, dull brown and sharp orange Unique and individual, varied and peerless Beautiful and bewitching Even as you press down and tremble   On hearts Bruises are harder to see But still … Continue reading “a DIY craft”

#Top5Tuesday #2: Top 5 Vines

#Top5Tuesday is a weekly feature about Top 5…. anythings. It's official: Vine is over and out. Well, not completely, but near death-- Vine will remain alive for a short before it's last, shuddering breath. To celebrate its short, vibrant life, I've compiled my list of my favourite 5 vines. Enjoy it while you can, folks, before it … Continue reading #Top5Tuesday #2: Top 5 Vines