“a DIY craft”

I wrote this over the break! Just a fun one.

a DIY craft


On skin

A bruise blooms watercolour

Petals green and blue, dull brown and sharp orange

Unique and individual, varied and peerless

Beautiful and bewitching

Even as you press down and tremble


On hearts

Bruises are harder to see

But still easy to craft

Let me tell you how

Take your hands and reach inside

When I say

“Just a fling”, give a tap on the left ventricle

At “My new girlfriend and I”, a slap on the arteries

And for “I never loved you”, squeeze so tight you scream


There you go

Your own personal bruised heart

Hard to see, admittedly

And certainly difficult to hear


At least it reads pretty on a page


  • a DIY craft

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