#Top5Tuesday #2: Top 5 Vines

#Top5Tuesday is a weekly feature about Top 5…. anythings.

It’s official: Vine is over and out. Well, not completely, but near death– Vine will remain alive for a short before it’s last, shuddering breath. To celebrate its short, vibrant life, I’ve compiled my list of my favourite 5 vines. Enjoy it while you can, folks, before it scatters in the wind.

#1: “Who is she”

This is such a classic vine. It’s got everything: intrigue, enlightenment, discovery, and hope. It’s a reflection of the questions that humanity strives to ask itself… the title of the Vine is Who is she? but really… who are we?

#2: “When the acid hits”, kopke613

A friend recently told me that the first things she learned about me was Ottawa, Microsoft and Blackberry. I’m going to continue to let everyone think I’m a two-dimensional pastiche of an Ottawa economic development officer and say that I love this vine because of the colours, the sound, and how the Peace Tower has a starring role.

(By the way, you guys should all check out our many Ottawa 2017 events coming this summer and spring!!!!!)

#3: Ted Cruz and The Office

This is #timely and #relevant, considering the impending American election looming over all of us. Ted Cruz’s look of utter defeat properly summarizes how the entire country of America feels.

#4: This scare cam reaction

I absolutely love this Vine because it’s just so innovative. This guy just got the bejeepers scared out of him and he had enough of his wits left that he transforms his screech of fear into a bona-fide Sia hit. We should all strive to be as resourceful as this guy.

#5: Ouija board 

I think about this vine a lot. Like, a lot. It makes me think about the human race’s desperate desires to know what’s waiting for us in the beyond, and how much our curiosity comes back to bite us in the ass.

Who am I kidding– I love it because it’s just a bunch of dumb kids messing around and having meltdowns. You know how the gravitational pull of planets can drag objects into their vicinity? Well, the gravitational pull of human freak-outs does the exact same thing– uber public freak-outs pull our gazes and keep our eyeballs wide open. We know we shouldn’t look, and that it’s so rude to do so, but we do and we pleasure in it because we’re all nosy pieces of trash.


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