#Top5Tuesday #1: Study Music

#Top5Tuesday is a weekly feature about Top 5…. anythings.

Sometimes, you just want to listen to something while you’re working/writing that paper/studying, you know? I typically like to listen to instrumental stuff when I’m working away– I already have enough trouble finding words without additional words coming into my brain to muck things up.

#1: Badbadnotgood’s 3rd album (III)

love Badbadnotgood– I was devastated when I couldn’t go see them in Toronto this past summer. Their third album has some of the darkness of their second album, but a lot more springiness, which keeps you going.

#2: This playlist of Richard Wagner’s best hits

It includes some of his best-known works (The Ring, The Ride of the Valkyries, etc.). He’s just so big and so brassy— I’ve always loved Wagner because of how his pieces always roll forward in such extravagant and royal ways. It’s a good push when you’re bogged down with macroeconomics, bleh.

#3: Joe Hisaishi at Budokan

Joe Hisaishi has been a consistent presence on my music-playing devices since middle school. Flight has been a recurring theme in Studio Ghibli movies (think: Nausicaa, Porco Rosso, Laputa, Totoro) and the very best thing about Joe Hisaishi’s collaboration with him is how much he emphasizes long, gliding, light motifs in his scores. Again, great for studying because it keeps you moving (and reminds you of better days, let’s be real).

#4: Jazz Liberatorz’s Clin D’Oeil

Okay, I kind of lied about the wordless part. The thing about the Jazz Libs is that they’re so… liberating. You can’t help but to jam along. And the beginning of U Do just gets me so fired up.

#5: The Mad Max OST

Mad Max is one of my favourite movies. Hard-stop. One of the reasons why I love it so dearly is because of the intensity of the score. Remember what I said about Joe Hisaishi and the “long, gliding motifs”? That’s kind of my thing. You can feel all of that tension in the bass lines and in the looooooooooooong violins in the background. It’s so much tension, but the catharsis when we get to the explosive riffs of the chase scenes is absolutely hair-raisingMaybe not the best for studying, but excellent, excellent paper-writing music.

Take a listen. What do you guys listen to when you study?

Oh, and by the way, here are some general #top5tuesday songs:


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