New Blog, New Me

Yes, I did change it.

Before, my blog was very much an amalgamation of thoughts and feelings but I’ve decided to update and give it a raison d’etre.
This will be a little more focused now, and I want to make consistent posts (hopefully one every Saturday/Sunday). Subjects that I foresee happening are:
  • Quick and dirty analyses of open data sets (from Ottawa, UW and wherever else I may find anything interesting);
  • Reviews for episodes of Steven Universe and Adventure Time and other television shows that I’ll pick up (unlikely);
  • Comments on social media and how and why the ways in which we communicate are changing;
  • Informational/educational posts on the Canadian political/economic/whatever landscape;
  • Reflections on things that happen from day-to-day.
  • Podcast recommendations and summaries (from my selected favourite list)
So not entirely focused on one specific area, but still more focused than before, I’d say.
Now, the name change is probably something that’s also a little baffling. My old blog was called “Suburban Gonzo” because it really was supposed to be an exploration of day-to-day suburban life– in other words, one that I was living. How utterly pretentious and boring is that?
Now, dark circles. There’s an image, huh?
It’s meant to echo and evoke a number of things: my obsessiveness and almost easy willingness to let my mind go into those dark circles. The dark circles under my eyes. The ways in which we wrap and fold ourselves into communities and segregated groups– those circles we pull around ourselves protectively, that so tend to go dark.
It’s a pretty lazy metaphor because it’s so easy to conjure related images in our mind’s eyes.
No matter. Here it is.

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